我们的使命是为您提供专业的指导和您开始并在职业生涯中茁壮成长所需的所有工具. Whether you are exploring career options, looking for a way to build your résumé, or anxious about the post-grad job search process, we are here to help. 请查看下面的学生信息标签,并随时直接与我们的办公室联系.

2021-22 Graduate Outcomes

Contact Information: Sandefer 101 | 325-670-1166 | careerservices@debbieshandsforhealth.com

通过在我们的在线招聘平台上激活您的帐户 握手, you can view open positions on-and-off of campus, submit your résumé for employers to view, see upcoming event details, and access career documents and resources.


8月28日|第一周兼职工作与实习交易会|上午10:30.m.-1 p.m.


9月5日|咖啡厅的职业快闪桌| 11点.m.-1 p.m.

September 12   |  Résumés & Lattés Outside Gilbert’s   |   2-4 p.m.


October 10   |   CSLC 领导 Summit   |   6-8:30 p.m.

October 30   |   Forks & Knives Dinner at the Houston-Lantrip Center   |   6-8 p.m.


November 2   |   Health Professions Job Fair   |   12-2 p.m.



December 15   |   Graduation

Drafting Your First Resume?
Be sure you start with a solid foundation. Download your copy of the HSU Résumé Workbook to learn the 什么 and why of resume writing today.


Résumé Instructive Sample

Cover Letter Sample 1

Cover Letter Sample 2

References Page Sample

Value Proposition Letter

Job 搜索 and Résumé Tips Sheet

Accounting Résumé Sample

Music Industry Résumé Sample

Jobs, Internships, and Experiential Learning
握手 is HSU’s interactive online recruiting platform. 在现场, HSU学生可以上传简历并访问兼职职位, 全职, 以及勤工俭学的职位,以及实习和其他特殊项目的机会. 最重要的是, 当你考虑毕业后的计划时,你可以联系到全国各地的雇主.

Networking and Career Connections
就业服务办公室全年举办许多活动,为HSU校友和雇主提供交流机会, including career panels and mix-and-mingle events. 我们还举办多个招聘会和来自德州各地的招聘经理的校园面试. You can even ask career questions of alumni through 握手!

Experiential Learning
In a competitive market, 你需要充实你的简历,让自己在其他求职者中脱颖而出.  今天的头号候选人准备充分,理解力强, 多样化的技能组合, and value to offer their potential employer. 看看这些资源来积累你的知识、经验和简历.

Professional Development 资源
Participate in a mock interview, stop by a Résumés & 来充实你的简历,并参加我们的年度职业发展晚宴. We’ll teach you the basics of finding and landing a job.

Personalized Career Counseling
随时欢迎你到就业服务办公室来一对一地讨论你未来的职业选择! 我们将帮助你思考你的目标、价值观和人生使命. 电子邮件我们 to set an appointment, or sign up for an appointment in 握手.

Tools for Self-Discovery
Finding the right career starts with knowing yourself! 通过 职业服务, 你可以进行职业和个性评估,比如强烈兴趣量表和焦点2. 从下面的“自我评估”选项卡访问它们,或者与我们的团队预约 握手.

Connect with us on 握手!

By creating your employer account in 握手 and connecting to Hardin-Simmons University, you can:

  • 发布空缺职位 & internships from your organization
  • Register for HSU job and career fairs
  • 分享你在哈佛大学的校园招聘和面试活动
  • 使用握手直观的申请人跟踪系统管理招聘流程(如果需要)

Check out 握手’s employer help center 如果您需要帮助,请随时威尼斯人网上赌场的办公室.

Recruiting Opportunities

Sign up to attend HSU events in 握手! 如果你的组织有兴趣赞助一个活动,请联系HSU职业服务中心.

Career Exploration 资源

关注2 这五部分职业评估是一个强大的工具,可以帮助你发现适合自己的专业和职业. Explore thousands of occupations based on your results!
ACCESS CODE: cowboys

What Can I Do With This Major? -探索不同的专业如何通向特定的职业道路.

Strong Interest Inventory -帮助解释原因, 什么, 在哪里, 以及你是否喜欢通过HSU就业中心预约使用这个久经考验的工具.

握手 工作角色简介 ——握手, 点击“职业中心”,然后点击“发现职业”,查看不同行业的工作角色描述. 在握手中浏览适合该角色的活动职位,查看薪水和位置信息等等.

Personality Assessments

High5 -发现你的五大优势,并探索如何在工作和生活中利用它们. 给你身边的人发一份简短的评估,看看你对自己优势的看法是否与他们一致.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) 这个经典的性格评估能让你深入了解为什么你会做你所做的事情.

On the Hunt for a New Job?
通过 握手,校友可浏览数以千计的工作及实习机会. 就业服务办公室还举办招聘会和校园面试,欢迎校友参加.

Wanting to Connect to HSU Students?
如果你有兴趣在职业服务活动中做志愿者,请告诉我们——选择包括职业小组, mix-and-mingle events, sponsorship of award dinners, 指导, and informal info sessions. 或者,创建一个 握手 alumni account to answer HSU students’ career questions.

Personalized Professional Development
参加模拟面试,把你的履历发给我们审阅,或者 电子邮件我们 to set up an in-person appointment.

职业服务 is Here for Our HSU Team Members Too

We love engaging with students every在哪里 we can. But, did you know that we can work with your team too?


“用绳子拴住演讲者”你想在这学期为你的班级安排一次演讲吗? 我们今天有很多相关的演讲供你选择,可以补充你的课程, foster career development, and ready your students for today’s marketplace.


你的团队是否需要复习一下LinkedIn、握手或今天的求职信? 今天就预约职业服务代表来满足这个需求.